Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Buddha Monk- The Prophecy Reloaded [2005]

01 We Roll In Brooklyn
02 Live My Life
03 Chill With You
04 Who's There ft. Fung See U
05 Wanna Be A Gangsta ft. Redz and Crave
06 Nigga What... La-La Ft. Juice
07 Missing You ft. Mr. Tibbs
08 Clack Clack ft. Juice
09 Butterflies ft. Layza Life and Mazur
10 Man's World
11 Bust Gats ft. Dungeon Masta and Spiritual Assassin
12 Undeniable Force
13 Got's Like Come On Thru (dirty)
14 Fuck Somebody Up
15 In The Land Of My Dreams
16 Nightmare On Zu Street ft. The Manchuz (dirty)
17 Spark Somebody Up (Instrumental)

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