Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Imperial Skillz Empera - Underground Horrorcore Hardcore Uncomercial Rap Vol. 1 y 2

01-Versive-deep darkness (usa)
02-pablo baluba feat killa falcon & graveyard shiftler - the art of
flame ballet (romania , usa , .)
03-dspiize -horror (usa)
04-AZA-Dust- n-Hoffman (hongry)
05-Ghost Lotus Cypher -deadly chess (usa)
06-Lord Zero-lyrikal chaos part 6 (usa)
07-KAN-take candy from a baby (japan)
08-Pharoah snefru - the wrath of the smash (usa)
09-Imperial Skillz Empera feat wolfstar ,mehdi mof,pyzon ,mrvolcano-
Voltron (Morokko)
10-Simon roofless -HARD (usa)
11-Wargod & SOD-no where 2 hide (usa)
12-Bloodline -get ready for war (usa)
13-Pharoah siris-Osiris Sampler (usa)
14-Quest Rah feat scarab-horseback peasants (UK)
15-ADB-lords or phanage (germany-usa)
16-FWL-the fall of all great wallz (usa)
17-the hoax+-bammy cypher (england)
18-sun tzu feat maximus& sob-disciple´s call (usa)
19-hellspawn-runnin thru crewz (tunisia) prof by grandmassive (usa)
20-dunhokah- THIS IZ RAP (usa)
21-wack emcees-buddah the core (usa)
22-dj chetto-no cojo colte (spain)



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