Monday, May 14, 2007

Protect Ya Neck Records - Protect Ya Neck Collection: Vol.1 [2002]

01: Tribute to the 5th Brother (9th Prince feat. RZA)
02: Trying to Blow (M.M.O. feat. Kurupt)
03: Stop Playing Games (M.M.O. feat. Iron Shiek)
04: E.Y.E. Love N.Y. (M.M.O.)
05: Free Ol' Dirty (Ol' Dirty Bastard feat. M.M.O.)
06: Last Days (M.M.O.)
07: P.Y.N. Symphony (Deadly Venoms feat. M.M.O. & K.G.B.)
08: Ready (Deadly Venoms feat. Tekitha)
09: The Earthquake (Deadly Venoms feat. Cappadonna, GZA, Inspectah Deck, Method Man & Streetlife)
10: Outlaws (Trigg-nomm)
11: Yeah Unh Hunh (Shyheim feat. Mike Moleses)
12: My Life (Iron Shiek)
13: Hotel Hoodlums (M.M.O. feat. Wu-Syndicate & Monk)
14: Rap Scharlor (Deadly Venoms feat. La the Darkman, Tekitha & Lin Que)
15: Rumble in N.Y. (Shyheim feat. IMF Blue Steele)
16: Kinda Hard (M.M.O.)
17: Feds is Watching Me (Trigg-nomm feat. P.I.R.U. & Probyn)
18: Lollypop Katz (M.M.O. feat. Ill Knob)
19: The Evil That Men Do (Bambi the Iron Maiden)


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