Thursday, October 23, 2008

G-Clef Da Mad Komposa - Straight From The Crypt (1992-2001) [2005]

01: Nite of the Soulkid (feat. Quayshaun)
02: Skillz is Hot? (feat. Deadly Fam)
03: Labels (G-Clef Geffen Remix) (feat. GZA)
04: Q-Me (feat. Quayshaun)
05: Hip-Hop, Don't Stop (feat. Reckanize)
06: Back Up Off Me (feat. Quayshaun)
07: The Night the Earth Creid (G-Clef Geestreet Remix) (feat. Gravediggaz)
08: Reason for My Pain (feat. Storm Da Ghetto Mutant & Georgia Jones)
09: Holy Operation (feat. Dr. Ring Ding)
10: Who Took the G's? (feat. Quayshaun)
11: Shout (G-Clef Def Jam Remix) (feat. Onyx)
12: What is the Essence of a Soul Kid (Premix) (feat. Infamous Mr. Savage, DJ Spinbad & Quayshaun)
13: The Creator has a Master Plan (feat. Quayshaun)
14: When I Was a Sperm (feat. Weldon Irvine & DJ Spinbad)
15: Trapped Inside a Bubble (Premix) (feat. Blakspik)
16: It's a Struggle (feat. Deadly Fam)

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