Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Phil Anastasia Presents The Outfit Movement Vol. 1 [2008]

01- Whos the Man - Outfit Mix(PA)
02- The Outfit (PA, Dyverse the first, Rahsaan, Lounge-Lo, Shyheim, Dark Skinned Assasins, The Last American B-Boy & King Just)
03- Simon Says - Outfit Mix (PA)
04- P Knuckles (PA, Dark Skinned Assasins, Lounge-Lo & Raekwon)
05- Feel Good Inc. - Outfit Mix (PA, King Just, & The Last American B-Boy)
06- Symphonies (PA, Inspectah Deck, The Last American B-Boy & Sean Price)
07- We Dont Give a Fuck - Outfit Mix (PA, Rahsaan, Lounge-Lo & Natalya Brown)
08- The Graveyard (PA, Sence & LotaNerv)
09- Chazz (PA)
10- Aqui Mando Yo* (PA, Street Lite & Rock)
11- Daytona 800 (PA, Lounge-Lo, King Just & Natalya Brown) [Intro by Al Doogs]
12- Mack-A-Docious (PA, Cappadonna, Dyverse the First & Kofi Black)
13- Lighters Up - Outfit Mix (PA, Sence, Vin Andreassi & UvaStitch)
14- The Movies (Uncle Murda, Dark Skinned Assasins, [formerly D.S.A.] & Pressure)
15- Boom Bye Yeah - Outfit Mix (PA, Crunch-Lo, [OTF], Phynix & Jak Don)
16- What If* (PA, Rahsaan & Lazy K)
17- Traffic Jam - Outfit Mix (PA, The Mad Stuntman & Essance)
18- Do it Big (Ice Water feat. Raekwon & Busta Rhymes)
19- Public Service Announcement - Outfit Mix (PA & Dyverse the First)
20- I Get Money - Outfit Mix (PA)

Re-Upload_ contiene un cover de la cancion Simon says de pHaroah Monch, el disco en si es muy regular, muy comercial para mi gusto, lo que si tengo que decir es que trae unos feats de puta madre!, lastima los beats pudieron haber dado un poco mas, el disco es masomenos tipo cash money ymierda asi!! lastima


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