Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shyheim Presents Bottom Up Vol 1 [2005]

01: The Difference (Caniven feat. IMF Blue Steele & 5 Mics)
02: Y'all Niggaz Ain't Tuf (IMF Blue Steele)
03: U & Me (Shyheim)
04: Let it Be That Real (L.E.O. feat. Haxsaw)
05: Got the Nerve (IMF Blue Steele feat. Smokey)
06: Get it Bitch (The Embassy feat. Shyheim)
07: Poppin' (IMF Blue Steele)
08: Kill a Nigga (L.E.O.)
09: I'm Good Play Your Part (Shyheim feat. The Embassy)
10: I'm Back It's Great (Shyheim feat. Lex)
11: Good Lord (IMF Blue Steele)
12: Pardon the Noise (Shyheim)
13: One Day (B.I.G. Tribute) (IMF Blue Steele)
14: Coke Spot Ceiling (The Embassy feat. Hue Heff & Shyheim)
15: Ya Not No Killa (Shyheim feat. Bars-N-Hooks & V12)
16: Strip Sumthin' Slut Pt. 2 (Shyheim)
17: The Surah (Shyheim feat. Gutta)
18: Dirty (IMF Blue Steele)
19: Easy Street (Shyheim feat. La the Darkman)
20: I Miss You (The Embassy) (Bonus Track)

Re-Upload: new cd Shyheim is putting out to show off his new crappy artists. Sound quality of the cd is a little eh , but overall some nice ignorant street shit!

tiene de todo este disco, muy variable canciones con buenso beats asi como otras muy regulares, normalito


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