Monday, April 27, 2009

The Lost Children Of Egypt - the Word From The Duat The Book Of Anubis [2003]

01. Intro
02. Distant Traveller
03. Temples Of Abydos
04. Jesus Found In Egypt
05. Souls Of The Etherians
06. Chosen Children
07. Where Every Breath Is A Prayer
08. Egiptian Intuition
09. Valley Of The Kings
10. Rising Force, The
11. Missing Link, The
12. Arabian Knights
13. Warriors Of Virtue
14. Immortal Egipt
15. Duel Of The Fates


Lahwry said...

se ve interesante...

Wu-Girl said...

si law son bastantes buenos

BaRdOk A.K.A Grisone said...

Podrian resubir este disco por favor.

De antemano, muchas gracias.