Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Y-Kim The Ill Figure Presents: Monster Reborn Vol.1 [2005]

01: First Lady (feat. Champaigne)
02: Why it Gotta Be Like That? (feat. Sharecka & Raizin' Hell)
03: Who Wants the Drama from the Brooklyn Zu Killa Beez? (feat. Buddha Monk)
04: Who Knows the Trouble? (feat. K-Bar 730)
05: Mics of Insanity (feat. Sunz of Man)
06: Falling Flat in the Bush (feat. Sharecka)
07: Coming Through (feat. F.B.I.)
08: Blessed Are Those (Y-Kim Premix) (feat. Killah Priest)
09: Raw for '94 (feat. F.B.I.)
10: The Symphony (feat. Debo Posse)

Esta produccion esta a cargo de este productor hace parte de la larga lista de Wu-Elements, o productores que hacen todo los trabajos y asesoran en cada producion k stedes escuchan, esta es a cargo de el, vale aclarar que el es el productor de Royal Fam y United Kingdom (UK), asi que es muy importante! aqui les dejo este trabajo, disfruentelo


Kim said...

Good to hear some of his scattered production collected on this one by the man himself. The 'Blessed are those' original is - here it comes - ill!

His work on Royal Fam ('Black Castle' album and other songs) is great as well.

The original idea was that Volume 1 would serve as a reintroduction to Y-Kim's work, and a second volume would provide the fans with new songs. Unfortunately, this second volume (as far as I know) never materialized.

Final note : this album has 2 different covers, the other cover looks slightly more menacing (not difficult looking at the one pictured here).

Kim said...

Also, Y-Kim used to be a member of a group called Dismasters, who released material in the 80s. For instance the song 'Small Time Hustler'. Check out the video here :