Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dungeon Masta Presents Da Dirty Clanzmen - Meet Da Family Vol. 1 [2009]

01) Ole Man Trouble (Intro)
02) 4 Real (Freestyle)
03) Chemistry Dartz
04) Da One 4 You
05) Da Final Headache
06) Ain't Going Nowhere
07) Lay Me Down
08) Enough Is Enough
09) Solar Azzhippin
10) Ode To Hip-Hop
11) 2 Live In Peace
12) Not A Game
13) Smoking You
14) I Beleive
15) Earthquake Muzik
16) Life Iz A Blessin
17) Survival
18) Godz Violence
19) Rappers Get Caught
20) Where My Hustlers At
21) Adios
22) Think Of Ya

ESTRENO: Dungeon Masta (Bklyn Zu Fam) is back with a follow-up to his classic Morbid Society mixtape series, with Meet Da Family, Volume 1. It features his new duo Da Dirty Clanzmen, which consists of Struxx Denali and himself. Also featured are Shabazz the Disciple, Hell Razah, Da Goldminerz (Chambermusik Records), General Lee Majors (Bklyn Zu Fam), Lex aka BiPolar (Dungeon's new artist), Ern Dawg, Caligula and many others.

Dirty Clanzmen Family: G Tee Shotta, Haywire, Mikos, Rusheilla, Lex aka Bipolar, SunOfSam (lol at his name), F.Y.B.A, Caligula, Ern Dawgy (One Love Ern ! but still waiting from you to send me your eps lol), Rugz, Mr Hookz, 3rd Eye Beats, Brent Shulze, Dr Holmes, Geranel Lee Majors, Ill Life, Mic Mountain, Da Goldminerz, and a buch of others , anyway never try to keep in memory every wu-tang affiliated artist , i tried back in the days and i just
had a terrible headache , just listen to what i rip and support them that would be already cool .


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