Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fes Taylor - Legend Of Fes Taylor [2008]

01: Gotha Go Teck (Intro)
02: Dum Out Boys
03: A Day in a Life (feat. T-Bird)
04: Paid in Full
05: Paper Rite (feat. T-Bird & W.G.S.)
06: Jumpin' (feat. Shyheim & Mr. Prezident)
07: Don't Say It (feat. Mr. Prezident)
08: Trapped (feat. L.I.S.)
09: Get Low (feat. Mr. Prezident, A.T. & Mazziradi Fox)
10: Rainy Dayz (feat. Lot-a-Nerv)
11: Staten Island (Remix) (feat. Inspectah Deck & Mr. Prezident)
12: Carry On (feat. Lon Dini)
13: Tearz (feat. Inspectah Deck & Lot-a-Nerv)
14: Young, Fly & Flashy
15: Rite Here (feat. Lon Dini, L.I.S. & Pa Bazil)
16: She's a Rider
17: Remix (feat. Mr. Prezident & A.T.)
18: Poppa
19: They Wanna Kill Me

It's official, Fes Taylor never sleeps. After releasing two mix-CD's in
October, Fes is back with an Internet album titled Legend of Taylor. Released under Inspectah Deck's Urban Iconz Records and Two 4 War Entertainement, the album features the Rebel INS himself, Shyheim, Mr. Prezident, T-Bird, The Warriors and more. Productions is handled by Falling Down, Flip, Fantom of the Beat, Heart of the City, Granddaddy I.U. and others. Don't miss out on Legend of Taylor as it's a taste of things to come when Fes releases his first retail album next year on Chambermusik Records and you'll definitely want to be ready for this one, enjoy!

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