Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NLZ And Nplayz - The Blackbox (The Prequel To N-Destruktable) [2007]

01: The Torch (feat. Prodigal Sunn)
02: Elementry (feat. S.I. & Young Chance)
03: Live It (feat. Makeba Mooncycle & Big Kev)
04: Neva Sleep (feat. Makeba Mooncycle)
05: Assumptions (feat. Chance, Vintage & Grusome)
06: The Basics
07: Add On (feat. Makeba Mooncycle, Venomous & Drupe)
08: The Conqueror (feat. Makeba Mooncycle, D.O.X. & S.I.)
09: Hearts of Millions (feat. Frukwan)
10: Open Mic (feat. C-4, Swif & Big Kev)
11: Whut (feat. C-4 & Offul Dubz)
12: Analyze This (feat. Buddha Monk & Makeba Mooncycle)
13: Dancin' With a Stranger (feat. Big Kev & Vintage)
14: Drupe
15: How We Ride (feat. Grusome & Vintage)
16: Fresh & Direct (feat. Double AB & DVS)
17: Forreal (feat. Makeba Mooncycle & Vintage)
18: Out of Tuch (feat. Streetlife, Vintage & S.I.)
19: Hip Hop Music (feat. C-4)
20: Whut's Real (Remix) (feat. Makeba Mooncycle & Vintage)
21: I'mma Shine
22: Outro 16 Bars (feat. Nino Carta)

ESTRENO: The Black Box (an N Destruktable box containing viable information) is a project that was put together to shed some light on some of the other MC's & Producers NLZ works with that show support in his efforts to keep hip hop alive.(There is life after Napalm... Check the Resume)... it's Jumps off with Prodigal Sunn giving NLZ words of wisdom to go in and get it done on the 1st track "The Torch" thru varios collabs with other fam in the likes of Makeba
Mooncycle, Buddha Monk, Frukwan & even Streetlife gives his support in letting it be known the Black Box is Official. This Project also shows the lyrical dexterity and chemistry with the likes of Double AB, Headtuchaz, & 100 Spoke Ent Artists BIG K-E-V ,Yung Chance & Drupe. Production is spread out between NLZ, V Smooth, Dub Sonata, NPLAYZ, DOX, Vincent Vega & VARAN. 20 Tracks of Banging Hip Hop for those who forgot whuts it's about... give it a listen...
And Finally after all the up's and downs... Coming Soon: A Man Apart vol. 2: GRIMEY MUZIK and Sylnt Soldierz "The AGENDA" and look for the "CRA-Z 88" project off of GODZ INC ... Album Recomendado


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