Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Truck - Hurt Hunger Pain [2006]

01: Hurt, Hunger & Pain (feat. Bless)
02: Ghetto Pray (feat. Apocalipps)
03: Apocalypse Now (feat. Apocalipps)
04: Feel Me
05: Hot 97.1 Megatron (Skit)
06: Truck Yard (feat. Gretta)
07: Coming 4 Me
08: Party All Nite Long
09: What U Wanna Do?
10: Truck Heist
11: Clubbin' Tonite (feat. Bless)
12: Situations

Truck a name given by a member of my crew, basically a description of my lifestyle, always on the move sorta like Trucks on high ways while other rappers cars and coupes. I'm from Staten Island and represent it thoroughly.
The first time I ever realized I wanted to be a rapper was when my foster mother gave me money to see 'Crush Grooving'. After that day i knew this is what I wanted to do. This is what I wanted to do for 2 decades + and been serious about the game for eight years strong. The music is directed to every ghetto worldwide, basically the people who are surviving the 'Hurt, Hunger & Pain'. As far as influences, they are Russel Simmons, Jay-z, Master P ,Sean "Diddy" Combs, Baby & Slim of Cash Money Records. Rappers and Entreprenuers who started from the bottom and now own & run they labels clothing lines etc. Over the years i released numerous amounts of music by all different types of outlets, even went as far as receiving a gold plaque for my participation in the Wu-tang Swarm album back in 1997. On the mixtape circuit steady with releases like 2Raw for radio Hosted by dj k-slay, Planet of the Apes,G-unit vs. ruthless bastardz etc. Ruthless bastardz basically is my rhyme/street crew. Right now I'm releasing music independently on my own. Label 'Hungrymen Entertainment' in which I co-own with my best friend/business partner Greg. Fred Grant. I started up my own clothing line directed to the streets 'HungryMen Apparel'. Every thing is Hungry to represent the struggle and hunger to achieve more. Truck Truck nos entrega su album completo despues de haber sacado un EP donde daba muestras de lo que iba a ser esta produccion que despues de 3 años, la tenemos en nuestro poder muy diferente a la anterior este Mc pertenece al Grupo afiliado a Wu: Ruthless Bastardz

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