Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yalloppin Hounds - The Great Recession [2009]

01: Swing Your Soul
02: Great Recession
03: Can You Make it Swing for Me?
04: Lost in a Dream
05: Caldonia
06: Like Me
07: Everybody Hates an Honest Man
08: Better Alone
09: Fake Ass Bitches
10: Baby Work Out
11: Lonesome Road
12: You & Whose Army?
13: Your Mind
14: Portrait of the Beast
15: On the Sunny Side of the Street

With this new album, The Great Recession, bandleader/songwriter/arranger
G-Clef da Mad Komposa decided it was time to unleash a brand new classic for the times, entitled, "The Great Recession". "I wanted to invoke the mood of the Great Depression days but update it to what people around the world are feeling now, re-examining the deeply rooted connection between Swing Music and Hip-Hop," explains G-Clef. Featured on this excursion again are G-Clef (Wu-Tang), Lord Sledge (The Toasters) and Peter Hartmann, as well as new female vocalist/discovery Leigh Vaiano, who will make listeners swear they are listening to a living Ella Fitzgerald once again. Easily the most fully produced Hounds album yet, "Great Recession" will disintegrate all previously existent boundaries between listener, dancer, and the music itself, enjoy!, al que le guste el blues, jazz, yn toque el soul, album tipo orquesta, del grupo de g-clef da mas komposa

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