Monday, November 02, 2009

1200 Warriors - R You [2008]

01. R You
02. R You (The Dubb)

ESTRENO: las personas que pudieron descargar el single pasado de este duo aqui se los traemos de nuevo mas info:

Real Name: Jose Reynoso Other Names: DJ Choco, G-Dubs, Belizbeha, Divine Soul, The Return, Uptown Revival, Chocco, Grand Wizard Choco, Groups: 1200 Warriors / Sound Mechanix / Da Groove Stalkers / G-Dubs & Benn Starr Album: N/A Close associate to The RZA anad Wu-Tang Clan's main engineer, and man responsible for mixing most of the Wu-tang Clan's albums. Choco or sometimes known as DJ Choco is a producer, DJ, and Remixer and dabbles with hip-hop, house, funk and every genre of music. House music is more his part time job and teamed up with Junior Rivero as 1200 Warriors in the early 90s releasing exclusive house music via their own labels and also in a group with Carlos Bess as the Sound Mechanix. He started his career with Keyboard sessions with Kurtis Blow before moving on to work as an engineer and producer for the Clan as well as acts such as Rage Against The Machine and even his wife Michelle Weeks.

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