Wednesday, April 28, 2010


01. Not Jus Hip-Hop (Feat. Method Man, Carlton Fisk & La Banga)
02. The Drummer (Feat. Ghostface Killah, Trife Da God & Method Man)
03. Pain (Feat. Shyheim)
04. Everybody Is Frontin (Feat. Carlton Fisk & La Banga)
05. CanÆt Stop, WonÆt Stop
06. All My Niggas (Feat. Method Man)
07. A Star is Born (Feat. Carlton Fisk & Inspectah Deck)
08. Street Education (Feat. Method Man)
09. F.A.N.Z
10. Hug These Streets
11. Descriptions (Feat. La Banga & Why)
12. Lay Down (Feat. Killa Sin)
13. Who Want to Rap (Feat. Carlton Fisk)
14. Let Them Come
15. The O.G. & Young Hustler (Feat. Y. Million)
16. Thugz Need Love Too
17. Sweetest Pain (Feat. Poppa Don)
18. Shoot on Sight (S.O.S.) (Feat. Method Man)
19. Exclusive Hidden Bonus Track

Reupload: New LP "Street Credibility" from Method Man cronie and protege Street Life will definitely do the job for most. While Street won't be winning any awards for the most creative stage name anytime soon, this is actually a pretty solid new project. In a time when being a Wu-affiliate is about as special as being one of Madonna's ex-husband's, Street managed to pull my attention toward his new project. A bunch of guest appearances from his master sensei Method man as well as some memorable assists from Killarmy member Killa Sin and the now grown, but once young, Wu prodigy Shyhiem.

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