Friday, April 30, 2010


01. Intro
02. Wu Are You - Who Rules Everything Around Me (W.R.E.A.M.) (Greedy Beat)
03. Guitar And Cream (Cc Beat)
04. Seeking The Surface (Cc Beat)
05. Baby Don't You Run (Greedy Beat)
06. Assassination County (Cc Beat)
07. Shimmy Shimmy Bus (Greedy Beat)
08. Uzi O'riley (Greedy Beat)
09. Got Your Bucket T (Cc Beat)
10. Wont Get Fooled Behind The Blue Gravel Pit With A Squeeze Box Again (Greedy Beats)
11. Eyesight To The Rap Life (Greedy Beat)
12. A R.E.C. Room Matter (Greedy Beat)
13. I Am One So Release Yo Delf (Greedy Beat)
14. Back In The Emminense Front (Cc Beat)
15. Ghetto Generation Supertar (Greedy Beat)
16. Da Mystery Of Pinball Wizardry (Greedy Beat)
17. Please Please Please Tear The Roof Off The Spider (Cc - Greedy Beats)
18. Nyc Relay Everything (Cc Beat)
19. Third World Sally (Greedy Beat)
20. High Together (Cc Beat)
21. I've Known No Mortal Combat (Cc Beat)
22. You Mighty Deadly You Bet (Greedy Beat)
23. Slip Rhumba (Cc Beat)
24. Apollo Kids Reign On Me (Cc Beat)
25. Publicity 905 (Cc Beat)
26. 1921 Fix (Greedy Beat)
27. You Reminded Me The Song Is Over
28. Going Mobile (Mega Shout Outro)

ESTRENO: Este compilado quizas para pocos es ya conocido, bueno para los que no lo han escuchado, se trata de una banda legendaria de roc n blues, junto al grupo de rap emblematico, wu tang clan, buena conbinacion hecha por este dj crazy chris, comienza con temas de the wu y las finaliza con la de wu, mixeandolo perrfectamente y suena muy bien, disfrutenlo

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