Monday, November 08, 2010

Harlem 6 - The New Breed [2010]

01: Here We Go (Feat. Will Power & AGR)
02: Just Another Day (Feat. Stax)
03: We Expand (Feat. MC 24)
04: The Hit (Feat. Cousin Sozay)
05: The Touchdown (Feat. Sean Sparks & AGR)
06: Mix it Up (Feat. Dre Easy, MC 24, Black Jesus & Chilly
07: Bobby and the Harlem 6 (Feat. RZA)
08: Vegavon the Don (Feat. Vegavon the Don)
09: Cash Still Rules (Feat. Sean Sparks & Will Power)
10: The Truth (Feat. Musa)
11: Entaprise (Feat. Black Jesus & Chilly Mo)
12: Stack Attack (Feat. Stax)
13: Blame on You (Feat. Krumbsnatcha, Black Jesus, Stove Marin
14: You Been Warned (Feat. Buddha Monk)
15: Frozen Man (Feat. Black Jesus, Radaar Van & Dre Easy)
16: Team Hundred Anthem (Feat. Team Hundred & Queenbody)
17: Pledge Allegeance to Hip Hop (Feat. Team Hundred)
18: Wu Financial (Feat. Scientific & Duuallah)
19: Queens Killer (Feat. Jay Flamez)
20: Ask About Us (Feat Queenbody)

The latest new material from the new generation of Wu-Tang affiliates, The Harlem 6. Most of the instrumentals on here are straight from the grain, classic Wu, with some surprise treats as well. Featured on this one, in addition to the group, are Krumbsnatcha, Buddha Monk, Radaar Vann, Rza, among others.

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