Tuesday, July 26, 2011


01. AMW.Com
02. Ill Niggaz
03. Layin
04. Money talk
05. V.A. day
06. Take your pick
07. Stupid ft. Joe Maffia
08. I'm back ft. Ocho
09. Zero
10. He's a criminal ft. Omega
11. Hard dick
12. The bizniz
13. Tote gunz ft. NLZ

NEW: A few weeks ago we was glad to welcome Myalansky back in the land of the free after doing time. Not one to sit back and wait for things to happen Mya, who first made an impression in the late nineties with his appearance on Wu-Tang's Killa Beez “The Swarm” compilation produced by The RZA and the release of the “Wu Syndicate (Myalansky & Joe Mafia)” album, immediately dove into the studio to revitalize his musical career. This now already results in a free down load mixtape called “AMW.com” (as in America's Most Wanted) and this serves as a gift for his longtime fans. This tape is an appetizer for the next project he is already working on: “Underworld King”, planned to be released also this year. Amongst others this tape includes “V.A. days”, his Clipse (Pusha T and Malice) diss song he put on Youtube not so long ago. Other songs include features from long time Syndicate partner Joe Maffia, Ocho (a friend known from the song on the “Grimlenz” album), Omega and former Team Napalm member NLZ. Follow Myalansky’s long awaited return to form on here or on twitter.com/myalansky1 and Facebook, in the meantime you download and listen to “AMW.com” by clicking on the link below, Enjoy!


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