Monday, August 01, 2011


01.Makin Moves (feat. Leech & Sume & Paragone)
02.Evil Shit (feat. Sume & Leech)
03.Found In Da Streets
04.United Nations (feat. Sume & Doc Blake & Leech & Cilvaringz)
05.Heart Attach (feat. Sume)
06.Blowin Up (feat. Leech)
07.Bizarre Mindz (feat. Sume & Leech)
08.Realest Shit You Eva Heart (feat. Sume)
09.Tight Shit (feat. Sume & Leech)
10.U Dead On It (feat. Sume & Leech)
11.Out Of Sight (feat. VZN)
12.Royalty We Be (feat. 33 The Great & ESP)
13.Times Change (feat. Sume & Leeche)
14.Slaughter Many (feat. Sume & Leech & 33 The Great)
15.Amazed (feat. Marvalous)
16.Evolution (feat. Sume)
17.Blank Tape (feat. 33 The Great)
18.Water Bugs First (feat. Marvalous & 33 The Great)
19.Connection Is Comprehension (feat. Sume)

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