Monday, July 04, 2011


01- Gravediggaz - Pass the Shovel
02- Hell Razah - Siakick Hotline
03- Shaolin Gunslingaz - Dreams
04- 12 Jewelz - Gun Low
05- 2 On the Row - 2 On the Row
06- American Cream Team - Not A Game
07- K.G.B - Krack The Brew
08- Remedy - The Duelist
09- Shaolin Gunslingaz - Protect Yaself
10- Street Life - Solid Armor
11- Sunz of Man - Shining
12- Gravediggaz - From The Darkside
13- American Cream Team - Cream Team Lineup
14- Beggaz - Near Future
15- 12 Jewelz - The Game
16- True Master - Medicine
17- Sunz of Man - Hells Inmates

NEW. Perhaps the most mysterious aspect of this group are its members. A lot of speculation has taken place on who exactly is part of the United Kingdom. Originally they were known as Population Click (with a very large contingent of MC's), but their present roster is still unclear. The most conclusive one to date lists these groups (in capitals) and members: Ace Council, Allah Real, THE BEGGAZ, BLACK ROSE KARTEL, BROOKLYN ZU, COINS, CUFFIE CRIME FAMILY, Don Chulo, Duck Low, Dungeon Masta, I Born, Kendra, Laquan, Lady Raw, Laza-Life, Makeba Mooncycle, THE MANCHUZ, Nikki, Popa Wu, PEE FROIS, Pyzone, ROYAL FAM, Suga Bang Bang, SUNZ OF MAN, Ty-Jigs, and ZU NINJAZ. The group have released only a handful of tracks under the name United Kingdom, and their only Wu album appearance was on Popa Wu's solo offerings. Not all the UK members may be Wu affiliates. PEE FROIS may be just one example. They are a group from Africa and was cited as being part of United Kingdom by Makeba Mooncycle during an interview. Rumors once suggested that the group were working on an album called "The Collision". UK's first single was "Wake Up" b/w "Soldiers of Darkness" (these later became Killarmy and Sunz Of Man singles)

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