Wednesday, July 27, 2011


01. Intro-Young Dirty Bastard
02. New York Times
03. My Life (feat. Tyrone)
04. Empire
05. Guilty
06. Boy Jones
07. Paradise (feat. Mee'cha Lindasy)
08. Radio (feat. Earl)
09. Future (feat. Mavrick)
10. Freddy (feat. Free Murder)
11. Mr Jones
12. All In Together (feat. Shaquita)
13. Blacklight
14. Statement
15. I Will Flight

NEW: "Food stamp really save people life," he said. "Without food stamps, you be waiting on some checks from one of your cousins, and they move slow with the check, and [in the meantime] food stamps will really save your life."
In addition to "Food Stamp Celebrity," Jones said he's also crafting a mixtape called Certified Crack with DJ Symphony, who spins for the MC's Wu uncle Raekwon. Despite mixtape titles that could be dubbed gimmicky, the 21-year-old spitter maintains he can crank out a range of musical styles that both club-goers and scholars can appreciate.

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