Thursday, August 25, 2011


01: Our Hearts of Ruin
02: Sleeping Children are Still Flying
03: And Stars, Ringed
04: To the Ends Of the Earth
05: Farewell To the Former World
06: Falling Short
07: Gold in Gold Out
08: Where do We Go
09: In the Quiet Absence of God
10: Where the Sun Beats
11: Starry
12: Fire For Light
13: Swords From Driftwood
14: Sky With Hand

Blue Sky Black Death is a production duo from Seattle, formed by Kingston and Young God. On ''Noir" album, BSBD combined elements from all of their previous releases to create a gorgeous washed out landscape of grandiose yet nostalgic and emotional instrumental pieces with subtle vocals scattered accross a surreal world they've pieced together. The final product is one of those truly moving pieces of music that have a way of transporting the listener into the artists alternate universe.

All tracks written, recorded, arranged and mixed by Blue Sky Black Death


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