Wednesday, August 24, 2011


01: Apollo Kidz
02: Belly of the Beast (feat. Mr. Prezident)
03: Muddy Waters (feat. Carlton Fisk & T-Bird)
04: I'm a Problem (feat. Iron Mic)
05: Street Lyfe (feat. Lot-a-Nerv & Lanna Simmons)
06: You the Shit (feat. Heidi Flyce)
07: Summer Nights
08: This is the Life (feat. Shyheim & Mr. Prezident)
09: My G.S. (feat. Carlton Fisk, D.C., P.C. & T-Bird)
10: I Want U to Live (feat. D.C., P.C., Baker Don & Kof Black)
11: Crazy Love (feat. T-Bird & SWV)
12: Candy Kane (feat. Sensey)
13: Open Season (feat. Inspectah Deck & Tek)
14: Freeze Tag (feat. Stumik)
15: I Smell Murda (feat. Pa Bazil & Mic Check)
16: Real Rap (feat. Inspectah Deck, T-Bird & Venomous 2000)
17: Shoot Up the Party (Remix) (feat. Inspectah Deck, Solomon Childs & Dainjamental)
18: We so Dip (feat. Slice Murda & Bomb Official)
19: Killa Hill Anthem (feat. King Just, Castro, Baker Don, Leathafase, Iron Mic & P.C.)
20: Unicron

NEW: While Fes Taylor's last album "I'm Not A Rapper" was truly a solo effort as no other artist was featured, 'The Breaking Point" is more a collaborative project. Wu-Tang Clan's own Inspectah Deck appears both on the mic and on the boards on quite a few tracks. Other well known "Killa Beez" are featured, such as Shyheim, Solomon Childs, Cartlon Fisk, Stumik (Icewater), Paulie Caskets (Icewater), Donnie Casch ( Icewater), & Iron Mic (Ruthless Bastards). Other guests include none other than Tek (Smif-N-Wesson), King Just, S.W.V., Leathafase, Dainjamental, and others. Fes also debuts his supergroup the Staten All-Stars throughout.


Simcat Aka Minimall said...

Its difficult associate this album with Wu-Tang, the lyrics are ok but most of productions dont sounds like wu at all! Definitely i prefer old school.

Best Tracks: 5 - 15 - 19

Album: 5/10

Wu-Girl said...

it's pure crunk, i dont like, i preferr also ol school for me is 4/10 is bored