Tuesday, August 02, 2011


01.Progress (Prod. By Paragone)
02.Explode (Prod. By Paragone)
03.Fast Lane
04.Summer Fling (Prod. By Paragone)
05.Some Way (feat. Chi-King)
06.The Unsaid Word
07.10 Pints (Prod. By Paragone) (feat. Mars)
08.Chrizzmas (Prod. By Paragone)
09.Chess Moves (Prod. By Paragone) (feat. Timbo King)
10.A Good Mans Gone (Prod. By Paragone)
11.World Wide (Prod. By Paragone) (feat. Gonzoe)
12.What Da Word Iz (Prod. By DG.)

NEW: ALBUM OUT NOW!!! Here's a re-issue of the LEECH album we worked on a couple years ago. We pushed it in the streets, but not online. People been askin how could they order it so here it is... HIP-HOP HEROIN AVAILABLE NOW!!! ON Island/Def Jam digital Distribution Featuring. Chi-King, Timbo King & Gonzoe!!! Production. by Paragone & DG.


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