Saturday, August 20, 2011


01. Dark Passenger
02. Become It (Skit) (feat. Gia Salazar)
03. Where
04. Sunshine (feat. El Boodah)
05. The Truth (Feat. Silva Thug & Eclypse)
06. I Wanna Go (Skit) (feat. Gia Salazar)
07. Go
08. Encontramos (feat. Theresa Martinez)
09. Legendary (Feat. Aileen Rosario)
10. I Will
11. Veterenz (Feat. Doc Ill)
12. Dangerous (Feat. El Boodah & Drama K)
13. I'm Not (Skit) (feat. Gia Salazar)
14. Dead (Feat. The Cipher & El Boodah)
15. Go (feat. Dungeon Masta) (Bonus Remix)

NEW: his album isn't an album. I think as an artist, what we create is more than that. This is a blockbuster, an experience, as seen through my eyes. I put so much energy into the creation of this, I almost feel like I have nothing left. Lmao... As we talked about in the WATCHMEN interview series, this album was always destined to be "I Need Therapy". It's a reflection of all of our daily psychosis and raw human emotions laid out in the open for all to see. I think as people, a lot of us pretend or ignore what we are instead of embracing it. Fear of not being accepted is ingrained early in all of our lives and in turn we develop into these heartless, judgmental mules incapable of seeing their own abilities. We control our destiny. It's a GOD given gift that many of us don't know we have.
So, again, this is NOT an album. This is a system of thought that has allowed me to keep my sanity and eyes open while living amongst those who are to afraid to see and truly crazier than I am. Peace World.... I'm PRO... and I welcome u all into my first session "I Need Therapy" BooooM!!!!! --PRO

Member of : The Watchmen

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