Saturday, August 13, 2011


01. Razah Intro
02. The Invasion ft. Twin
03. Welcome To Red Hook Houses ft. Twin
04. Verbal Fire
05. Lock ‘n Load ft. Natural
06. BK To Paris ft. 7th Ambassador
07. Angel Prayers ft. Automatik
08. New Millenium Child 2 ft. Ermaine
09. In Da Streets vs Industry
10. Salute ft. Kappo
11. Lost Ones Freestyle
12. 718 ft. Cypha
13. Brooklyn Baby ft. Kappo (Prod. by Ayatollah)
14. Dead Presidents ft. Kappo
15. B.I.G. Monstarr ft. Timbo King
16. Angel Tearz
17. We From The Hook Son ft. Shabazz The Disciple
18. Exclusive Ghetto Government
19. Rocketeer ft. Kappo
20. Pass The Halo ft. TrayBag
21. Still In My Heart
22. Bomb Threats ft. Natural
23. Monster ft. Kappo
24. Lights Out ft. Kappo & Traybag
25. Outta Space Flow ft. Kappo & Young Vet
26. Yonkers ft. Kappo
27. Stress ft. Kappo
28. Juice ft. Kappo
29. Brooklyn Swagg ft. Kappo & Young Vet
30. Razah Outro

NEW: DJ Calculus put together this mix of new & old material from Hell Razah & his Ghetto Government crew on The Family Guy mixtape. The project will serve as a prelude to the upcoming Ghetto Government project that’s in the works right now. Razah is also working on a new solo album, which he promises will be his best yet. Tracklist & link after the jump.

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