Sunday, September 11, 2011


01: Guerilla Hood
02: Punch In, Punch Out
03: '88 Freestyle
04: The Drummer (feat. Method Man & Streetlife)
05: Gatz
06: Who Are We? (feat. Bonecrusher)
07: Smith Brothers
08: Mama Can You Hear Me
09: Paychecks
10: Wicked With Lead
11: Daily Routine
12: Right Back
13: Pass the Mic
14: Work
15: It's the Unit
16: Be My Girl

NEW: Theodore Unit is a loose collective of Staten Island rappers associated with the Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah. The name "Theodore" is derived from "The Open Door", meaning the group acts as an open door to rappers who can prove themselves. The group's origins begin with Ghostface's 2001 album, Bulletproof Wallets, on the track "Theodore", which featured rappers Trife da God and Twiz, both of whom would become members of Ghost's new posse. Trife, along with Kryme Life, would leave their trio T.M.F. to join the newly named "Theodore Unit", as would Shawn Wigs and Du-Lilz of Othorized F.A.M.. This line-up, together with Solomon Childs and long-standing Wu-affiliate Cappadonna, was featured on Theodore Unit's debut album, 718 (named after the Stapleton, Staten Island area code in which they all reside). However, the album would largely feature Trife da God and - naturally - Ghostface Killah, with only solitary appearances from Kryme Life and Du-Lilz; Twiz was not featured.

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