Friday, September 09, 2011


01: Bob N' I
02: The Grunge (feat. Beretta 9 & Bams)
03: We Pop (feat. C.C.F. Division, Ol' Dirty Bastard & Lady Platinum)
04: Grits (feat. Masta Killa & Allah Real)
05: Fast Cars (feat. Ghostface Killah & Tash Mahogany)
06: Chi Kung (feat. Beretta 9, Cilvaringz & Feathers)
07: You'll Never Know (feat. Cilvaringz)
08: Drink, Smoke & Fuck
09: The Whistle (feat. Masta Killa & Prodigal Sunn)
10: The Drop Off (feat. C.C.F. Division, Lady Platinum & Daddy-O)
11: Wherever I Go (feat. C.C.F. Division, Allah Real & Daddy-O)
12: Koto Chotan (feat. Masta Killa & Tash Mahogony)
13: A Day to God is 1,000 Years
14: Cherry Range (feat. Beretta 9 & Xavier Naidoo)Enlace15: The Birth (feat. Daddy-O)
16: See the Joy

NEW: Birth of a Prince is the third solo studio album by American hip hop musician RZA, the main producer of the Wu-Tang Clan. It was released on October 7, 2003. Unlike RZA's other solo albums, Birth of a Prince was not released under the Bobby Digital alias, though RZA refers to himself as Bobby repeatedly and his rhymes are mostly in the Bobby Digital style rather than the pre-1998 style. The album received mixed to positive reviews and one video of the single "We Pop" was also released.

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