Wednesday, October 19, 2011


01. Hallow Be Thy Name
02. We Run This (ft. Staten All-Stars & Buddha Monk)
03. All These Tears
04. Best Kept Secret (ft. Jus P & Yung Budd)
05. If I Die (ft. Godz Children)
06. The Love Of Money
07. Tears Of An Angel
08. Walk These Streets (ft. Dungeon Masta & G. Ruger)
09. You Want W.A.R. (ft. Da H.U.R.T.)
10. Jah’s Children
11. Love For The Game (ft. Fes Taylor)
12. Fallen Angelz (ft. BKZU Fam & LCOB)
13. I Roll On
14. Foolish Games
15. The Destruction (ft. Salute Da Kid & G. Ruger)
16. The Take Over (ft. Dainjamental)
17. The Movement (ft. Buddha Monk, Sadat X & Darkim Be Allah)
18. Wolves In Sheeps Clothing (ft. G-Clef Da Mad Kompoza & Surgeon)
19. Hip-Hop Resurection (ft. Chubb Rock, M-Eighty, Big City, G-Fella & EmceeM)
20. Maccabee Rydahs (ft. Black Market Militia & Mr. Wise)

NEW: In a music industry that is heavily saturated with southern twang hip hop Judah Priest's Valley of the Kings is poised to give that southern twang a run for its money. Valley of the Kings is an album packed with vintage and new age Hip Hop that will have your head nodding from beginning to end. If you thought that the east coast style of rap has met its death in the industry, consider yourselves now challenged to listen and validate the east coasts resurrection, rise and ascension. Judah Priest has partnered with producer / engineer Derrick Christopher to bring to your digital media mediums an album that will definitely provide you that replay and repeat factor from beginning to end with guest features from the Staten Island All Stars, Brooklyn Zu, Lost Children of Babylon, Sadat X, and Chub Rock to name a few. Valley of the Kings is an album jam packed with lost treasures waiting to be excavated so grab your iPods / mp3 players and enter the valley to discover what treasures lie within. The entire album can be found by clicking on "Artist Judah Priest - VOTK" in the genre section.

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