Tuesday, October 04, 2011


01. The Game Of Thrones feat. Jus-P & G.S. Advance
02. Budda Hands feat. Oneline , Verb Fromarizona & Joel Knotts
03. The Hiest feat. Royalty Bourne
04. Jin/Puff Puff Pass feat. Cphr Dvn
05. Triumphant feat.Axxin The Supernova & Strictly Biz
06. Deadly Dartz feat. 7TH 7ion (Watchmen) & Da Sunofsam (Brooklyn Zu)
07. Ring The Alarm feat. Raaddrr Van (Kannadi Spadez)
08. Real Hip Hop feat.Mega Marv & Royal Sun (Fame Labs)
09. Close To God feat. Black Mask (Watchmen) & Drone The Radikal
10. Falling Angels feat. Menace Obez,Judah Priest(Brooklyn Zu) Ricky Fitz Lex Starwind John Murdock (Lcob) & 5th Hype
11. Dead Man Walkin feat. Buddha Monk (Brooklyn Zu)
12. Secret Swordz feat. Labal S, Rest BKZU & Jameek Karries
13. Mighty Warrior feat, Hoodvenor, Revelation & Rain Qiuet Storm
14. Only A Fee!!! feat. Lenoxx Tha 7th
15. Da Streets feat. Supreme Sniper & Shyheim
16. Lyrical Weapons feat. Spoken Dagger Baron Von Molotov & Shinobi Kush
17. Stay Grizzly feat. Stumik (Ice Water) & Jah Soldier
18. Kool Herc Tribute feat. Oneline & Shadowstar Boxer

NEW: All Tracks Produced By Tony Tony (Hannover)
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