Saturday, November 19, 2011

Da Monstar Mob - Operation Takeover (Advance) [2006]

01: Creepin' (feat. Huesane)
02: The Diamond Heist (feat. Ali, Ammo & Huesane)
03: Deadly (feat. Huesane)
04: The Vision
05: Blue Apples (feat. Huesane & Scientific)
06: Mission Impossible (feat. Doc Doom, Dirty Dick, Ammo & Huesane)
07: Son of a Bitch (feat. Sabotage)
08: Bring Yo Weapons (feat. Ammo)
09: Bitch Niggaz (feat. Ammo, Huesane & Ron Dough)
10: Third Vision (feat. Ron Dough)
11: Til the Fat Lady Sings (feat. Snake Eyes)
12: Fabulous (feat. Doc Doom, Black Bull, Huesane & Ammo)
13: The Birth of a Monstar Mob (Outro)

NEW: Here is the Advance of Da Monstar Mobs Second LP Titled Operation Takeover..

Da Monstar Mob, as a collective of ill emcees in the Los Angeles area, has provided fertile ground for many talented artists. Always under the expert direction of the genius producer Skarekrow, DMM has indeed made a name for themselves in the West Coast Underground of Hip-Hop. If you liked Nightmare Before X-Mas you will definitely love this righteous journey through some of the most horrifying and grimey tapestries ever heard by human (or Perhaps some non-human) ears. The living, the dead, as well as the undead all agree that this album is filled with both street knowledge, philosophy, and don't forget, some good old gutter brutality. All the emcees on this album rip the tracks from "knowledge to born", the listener will be left awestruck, and possibly transformed by this music. For instance, fans of Holocaust/Warcloud will of course be impressed with his verses here, but even more stunned that the rest of these emcees are just as ill on the mic! This album features Da
Monstar Mob {(Skarekrow, Mantra, Leviathan, Warcloud, Onslot (Black Sun)} as well as The Massive Crew Known as The Navigators {Skarekrow, Huesane the General, Ali, I-Kill the
Architect, Ammo, Ron Dough aka Gut Man Mo, Sabotage, and the whole Moorish Nation} Together, these crews formed "The Heaven and Earth Society". Created, Produced, Arranged
(1998-1999) by Skarekrow.

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