Saturday, December 17, 2011

Buddha Monk - Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 6 King Monk (Sampler) [2008]

01. Buddha Monk F. Popa Chief - Gun Them Down
02. Buddha Monk F. Politic - How Could U Blame Me
03. Buddha Monk - All My
04. Buddha Monk - Lovin' U
05. Buddha Monk F. Shake-A-Vel, Casine Kelly & I-Born - We On Point

NEW: The latest installment of the Zu Chronicles series by Wu-Tang / Bklyn Zu affiliate, Buddha Monk. This time Buddha brings forth some of the more recent styles and sounds of his vast vault of music. Featured here are Babyface Fensta (Manchuz), Popa Chief (Manchuz), Dungeon Masta, Shake-a-Vel, Casine Kelly, I-Born (Manchuz), Streets, Politic, Bash, Preach (Bklyn Zu), Cham, and others. This collection no doubt contains some of the most exciting music Buddha has ever release

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