Sunday, December 04, 2011

Tragic Allies - The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil [2011]

01. Intro
02. A.L.L.I.E.S.
03. God Gifted (Feat. Planet Asia)
04. War Melody
05. Fallin Starz
06. Words Form The Most High
07. Street Narrative
08. Revival Of The Fittest
09. In The Air Tragic Allies
10. The Thought Of Dying
11. Interlude (Feat 60 Second Assassian)
12. Drown (Feat. Mami Uno)
13. Picture Perfect (Feat. Killah Priest)
14. Riots In The Streets
15. Rap Quoteables
16. Time We Never Had
17. Story Of Sadness (Feat. Bronze Nazareth)
18. Outro (Feat. Killah Priest)

NEW: Tragic Allies' long-awaited debut group album featuring Killah Priest, Bronze Nazareth, Planet Asia and 60 Second Assassin. It's a gritty album with heavy drums and dope samples that takes you back to the days of rocking a Sony Walkman on the train.


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