Saturday, December 17, 2011

VA-Cappadonna - Iron Fist Pillage (OST) [2001]

01. It's The Pillage Right Here (Film Dialogue)
02. Iron Fist Pillage (Othorized FAM, featuring Cappadonna)
03. Bring It On (Othorized FAM)
04. Still Sellin' That Ass Baby? (Film Dialogue)
05. Why In The Ghetto (Steph Lova)
06. My Torture Chamber (Film Dialogue)
07. Supafly Nigga (Othorized FAM)
08. Big Bang (Spill)
09. Killer Hill District (Othorized FAM)
10. That's How I Got To Bring It (Film Dialogue)
11. Clash Of The Titans (Othorized FAM)
12. Bag O' Weed (Film Dialogue)
13. Lady Green (Othorized FAM)
14. Big New York (Son Don Moet)
15. Baseball Cap (Spill)
16. Yo Let's Move (Film Dialogue)

RE-UPLOAD One of the rarest wu-tang related album , enjoy!

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