Monday, December 12, 2011

Yalloppin Hounds - Lindy Hop Deluxe (Sampler) [2002]

01- Raw Shuffle (clip)
02- Orbit Me (Smooth Theme) (clip)
03- Streetbop (clip)
04- Hip-Hop Lindy (clip)
05- Taffy (clip)
06- West Coast Strut (clip)
07- Stolen Sweets (clip)
08- Bill Bailey (clip)
09- Black Velvet (clip)
10- Pennies from Heaven (clip)
11- Stitches (clip)
12- Flying Home (clip)
13- West Coast Strut Remix (clip)

NEW: The YALLOPPIN' HOUNDS' new album, LINDY HOP DELUXE despite being a dancer dedication, features not only some of the "swing cover" songs they have become associated with, but the suite itself, "LINDY HOP DELUXE" is definitely some of the most original and creative stuff bandleader G-Clef have thus far attempted to write for the Hounds, and the band certainly loves to play it. This album is 100% for the dancers, and dedicated to the dancers, more so than any previous Yalloppin' Hounds album! And yes, they do need your support right now if they are to survive and take their music to the next level. Featuring: G-CLEF, MARK MCGOWAN, JULIAN PRESSLEY, ENSAR KABIL, MARLON SOBOL, PETER HARTMANN, MELISSA KATE MILLER, DJ JASE MASON

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