Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Raekwon – Unexpected Victory [2012]

01– Intro
02– Just A Toast (Feat. Jd Era) [Prod. By Mark Henry]
03– The Brewery (Feat. Ceazar-N-Reason) [Prod. By Scram Jones]
04– A Pinebox Story [Prod. By 9Th Wonder]
05– Goodfellas (Feat. Jd Era & Camoflauge) [Prod. By Pro Logic & Moss]
06– Silk (Feat. Cl Smooth & Sauce Money & Big B) [Prod. By Scram Jones]
07– That Good Good (Feat. Altrina Renee) [Prod. By Scram Jones & Blickstreet]
08– Luxury Rap Feat. Fred Da Godson) [Prod. By Djsemaj]
09– Chinese Marines (Feat. Mobb Deep) [Prod. By Scram Jones]
10– This Shit Hard (Feat. L.E.P. Bogus Boys & Dion Primo) [Prod. By The Olympicks]
11– Soldier Story (Feat. Jd Era) [Prod. By Pro Logic & Moss]
12– Mtv Cribs (Feat. Busta Rhymes) (Prod Vin Da Chin]
13– A Few Good Men (Feat. Vado & Tommy Nova) [Prod. By Bluerocks]
14– Chupa Cabra (Feat. Capone-N-Norega) [Prod. By Bt]
15– Facetime Introducing Altrina Renee [Prod. By Blockstars & Mantic]
16– Gangsta Cazals (Feat. Styles P & Jd Era & Camoflauge) [Prod. By Statik Seelktah]
17– Black Dust (Feat. Tommy Nova & Mean Doe Green) [Prod. By The Fr3shmen]


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