Sunday, March 11, 2012

Falling Down - The Order Of Battle (Retail) [2008]

01. For the Block (Feat Jek Ya Pops)
02. Inspired (Feat Elijah)
03. Say Hello to My Lil Friend (Feat Jek Ya Pops)
04. I DonÆt Play (Feat Elijah)│
05. Daddy Jek Ya Pops (Feat Jek Ya Pops)
06. This Time (Feat Elijah)
07. Whoops Upside Ya Head (Feat Jek Ya Pops)
08. Bounce to that (Feat Elijah)
09. Crash and Burn (Feat G-Clef Da Mad Komposa)
10. HeÆs A Gangster (Feat Fes Taylor)
11. From Me to Wu (Feat Dark Skinned Assassin)
12. Like this (Feat Fes Taylor)
13. Communicate with Me (Feat Solomon Childs)
14. Line Em Up (Feat Fes Taylor)
15. The Sleepers (Feat the Wisemen)

REUPLOAD: Otra buena produccion de este dj falling down, excelentes beat buenos feats un disco muy completo de el gusto d emuchos de nosotros disfrutenlo

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