Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beretta 9 - Kinetic Radio Vol. 1 (Bootleg) [2008]

01. Kinetic radio intro
02. Godz on attack
03. Art of war (feat. Shogun Assason)
04. Where i rest at (feat. Killa Sin)
05. Righteous cause
06. 9th chamber (feat. La the Darkman, Killa Sin, Streetlife & Inspectah Deck)
07. Dancing with wolves (feat. Killarmy & Prodigal Sunn)
08. The sword of power
09. Hunger pains (feat. Shogun Assason)
10. Dark destiny (feat. Contribution X)
11. Mo povo luta (feat. Leggezin Fin)
12. Mask men
13. Shaolin musik (feat. Inspectah Deck)
14. 1 on 1 (feat. Shogun Assason)
15. Revenge (feat. Christbearer)
16. Showdown (feat. Lord Superb & Hell Razah)
17. Trilogy
18. Gunz (feat. Islord)
19. Nonchalantly (feat. ODB & Killarmy)
20. Sinister chamber (feat. Monk & Contribution X)
21. Afro killa beez (feat. Leggezin Fin, Shogun Assason, Prodigal Sunn & Chi King)
22. Which way you going (feat. Killarmy & Solomon Childs)
23. Destiny (feat. Christbearer)
24. Shady (feat. Rza)
25. Who cares (feat. Midaz)
26. Luv allah (feat. Northstar)
27. Smoke flow (feat. Shogun Assason)
28. Outro 

REUPLOAD: Kinetic 9 is striving and ready to push his efforts towards a solo album. He recently[when?] dropped a mixtape “Kinetic Radio Vol 1” for his loyal fans, which is distributed and available at his shows. A re-mastered version will soon be available for order. And coming soon, Kinetic will drop another mixtape to keep his fan base enthused and satisfied. He is diligently working hard on his solo album for which he aims to highlight his individualism, but parallels the best sounds of his Killarmy and Wu-Tang’s genre.

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