Thursday, May 03, 2012

Killah Priest feat Timbo King - Guns 4 Gun Original

This is the original track, before Nas was featured, nice track.

[Killah Priest]
I'll make Mussolini wear a Kufi
I talk like Dr. Ben but look like Malcolm holding his Uzi
Peering through curtains who would I murder?
Pearl silencer screw on my burner four four caliber
The new Nat Turner I'll make Hitler wear a yarmulke
KKK celebrate Kwanzaa, should I pursue further?
I'm like Tutankhamen with the tools in my garment
Put a few in my cartridge the moon and stars lit
Light up the hood it looks like a techno club
We slam dance to this music when the Tek blow slugs
It's ghetto thugs, welfare and poor education and gang love
sitting in the Federal waiting

(Hook) Priest

[Timbo King]
Yo, yo, if I had 24 hundred hours left, I'm going AWOL
Assassinate Bloomberg first for city layoff
then go slash John Pope's throat for evil seance
Burn down Viacom files, no more playoffs
Kidnap the president's daughter without a plan
And hang the grand wizard from the Ku Klux Klan
Go piss on Elvis grave, like fuck you cracker
This for Chuck Berry Stevie Wonder, cracker
Run up in Langley with explosives on me
This is my last dig, get close up on me
We take cargo, run up in Wells Fargo
Everywhere I go, the sun glow, the street motto
Rob museums, the black Marvin Beums
Stick-up kids with pigeons
We don't walk thru the front we come thru kitchen
In the club full of bitches that fuck with bitches
Yeah, cuz it's the money or your life
The bullet or the knife

[Killah Priest]
The last Nazarite spitting that Passion of Christ
Seeing me screaming "Fuck police" while flashing my ice
D's roll up on us, I dash from the lights
Running in darkness, I'm on the other side of the projects
Just escaped from the God's rest
Go in my building, run to the rooftop
I'm over the feeling, this is life
Knowing what I'm concealing, a rocket launcher
When I buss, it stops a chopper
Lift or buss, leave City Hall in trauma
Till we come out in cuffs
We radicals let me show you what the ratchet will do
We say a prayer then close casket your crew

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