Monday, June 18, 2012

Brooklyn Zu - Chamber #9, Verse 32 [2008]

01: We Comin' for Ya (feat. Zu Ninjaz & Preacherman)
02: Brooklyn Zu
03: Do it For (feat. Preacherman, K-Blunt & Popa Chief)
04: Blood is Love
05: Cold World (feat. 5 Foot Hyper Sniper)
06: Knock Knock (feat. GZA)
07: Eat Ya Food (feat. Killah Priest & Masta Killa)
08: Baby
09: Pass the Mic (feat. Chi-King & Felicia Ray)
10: Party with the Zu (feat. Preacherman)
11: Get Dirty Some Beers (Skit)
12: Pour My Liquor
13: If I Had a Gun (feat. RZA, Rugged Monk & Shavo Odadjian)
14: Put Yo' People's On (feat. LaFonda)
15: Marvelous (feat. Popa Chief & Layza Life)
16: Get That Cheese (feat. Shyheim & Captain Midnight)
17: So Much 2 Say (feat. Free Murda, Willy Gleamz, Allah Real, 60 Second Assassin, Popa Wu & LaFonda)
18: First Thingz First (feat. Chi-King & Prodigal Sunn)
19: Dirty (Outro)

REUPLOAD: Ol' Dirty Bastard's Brooklyn ZU album Chapter 9 Verse 32. This is a group composed of Ol' Dirty Bastard and his close associates 12 O'Clock, Shorty shItstain, Murdock, Zu Keeper, Silkski, Buddha Monk, and D the dragon on the West Coast. First heard on Ol' Dirty
Bastard's "Return to the 36 Chambers". The group has made a number of Wu album appearances since, and they have recorded a number of tracks which later appeared on Popa Wu's "Visions of the 10th Chamber". They were once collectively tied with the
"old" United Kingdom group. 12 O'Clock is ODB's younger brother. Dirty's cousin is Zu Keeper

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