Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dreddy Kruger - The History Of Dreddy Kruger Vol. 1 [2006]

01- Dreddy Kruger 2 The Stage (Intro)
02- Interlude
03- Graveyard Chamber
04- Freestyle (Tony Touch 50 MC's Volume 1)
05- Whatdafuck
06- Hip Hop Fury
07- $ & The Weed (Skit)
08- Worldwide (Switzerland & USA)
09- Soul In The Hole
10- Interlude (Live)
11- Time (Feat. Killah Priest)
12- La Saga (Feat Iam, Royal Fam & Sunz Of Man)
13- La Saga 2000 (Feat. DJ Kheops, Faf Larage & Prodigal Sunn)
14- Thought They Knew (Feat. Don Blas)
15- Medina 718 (Feat. Timbo King)
16- Interlude (Live In San Francisco)
17- Mic Ammo (Feat. Timbo King)
18- Mic Ammo (Remix) (Feat. Bronze Nazareth & Timbo King)
19- Kruger Freestyle (Live In Boise, Idaho)
20- Live Podcasting Show (Think Differently Music Concept)
21- Unlisted Bonus Track

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Mixtape.. Enjoy the First Volume in The Best Of Dreddy Kruger..

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Kim said...

'Soul in the Hole' is a personal classic. Listen to it once a week. Dreddy Kruger hasn't put in a lot of guest appearances in his career besides Royal Fam, sticks to the business side of things, I guess.