Wednesday, July 11, 2012


01. Can’t Be Stopped
02. Death 2 A Hater
03. If I Die Young (Feat. Dini Dolla)
04. Murda Money
05. Memory Lane (Feat. Dini Dolla)
06. Life Of A Hustler
07. Lay It Down
08. Pass The 40
09. Pimped By The Game
10. Reckless (Feat. Natasha Washington)
11. Save The World
12. Skats On Deck (Feat. Wavy Brim)
13. Till God Says It’s Over
14. U Know U Like That (Feat. Baker Don)
15. Ups And Downs
16. Whip Cream
17. We Outta Here
18. Death 2 A Hater G Mix

NEW: the third volume of Fes Taylor’s ‘Pussy Paper Politics’ mixtape. Featuring the likes of Dini Dolla and BakerDon this 18-track banga is filled with that Staten All Stars swag

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