Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Scratch Cat - Weapons Of Scratch Fu (EP) [2012]

01. the art of 1000 cuts
02. 36 beads of scratch fu feat. Sha Prince
03. vibrant fist
04. 8 fatal mics feat. Complex
05. kiss of the red fox feat. Sinfa'c
06. the herbilist feat. Mindbender
07. ninja mind control feat. Slanted Eyed Assassins
08. Nomadic warrior feat. Vandal
09. The Sun Monk feat. Promise & Nemesis

NEW. released 25 July 2012, ThE first of it's kind, Scratch Cat brings you his weapons of scratch fu EP consiting of vocal beat box production and featuring a devestating roster of emcees on every track. FREE TO DOWNLOAD!!

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