Sunday, October 07, 2012


01. Land Of Nod feat. Nomad & Zodd The Immortal
02. Wandering Ghosts feat. Dread Knaut Ghost Army
03. The Architects feat. RA EL, Killah Priest & Canibus
04. Chamber Of The Immortals feat. Vega X, ATMA & Sick Since
05. Scientific Mystic feat. Riishii G7 (Cutz by: DJ JEZI)
06. The Sermon feat. Poetic Death
07. The Wars Of Gods And Man feat. Rasul Allah, ATMA & Vega X
08. Verbal Tai Chi feat. Sinister Stricken & White Lotus
09. Sentinels Of Stone feat. Zodd The Immortal
10. Sick Mood feat. Explicito & Jotaka (Cutz by: DJ Joon)
11. Widespread Wickedness feat. Semantix Tha Sorcera & Lokjaw
12. Mystic Swordzmen feat. RA EL & Killah Priest
13. Graveyard Of Empires feat. Vega X & Planetary (Cutz by: DJ Extremidiz)
14. 6th Kingdom feat. DeewuAllah, Gage, Se7en & Rhetoric
15. Welcome To America feat. Macabean The Rebel
16. Temple Of The Black Pharaoh feat. Sinister Stricken
17. The Destroyer Of Worlds feat. Sick Since

RE-UPLOAD: compilado de temas grabados entre 2006 y 2009 viene esta produccionde colaboraciones de amos the ancient prophet mc pertenenciente a The Los Children Of Babylon excelente como todo lo de ellos!! beats fuertes y oscuros espero les guste

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