Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wisemen - Wisemen Arrived [2007]

01: Goblins (Premix)
02: More Than Gold (Premix)
03: Phillie Freestyle
04: Streets is My Home (feat. Sav Killz)
05: Super Bowl Cipher
06: Tarantula's Web
07: The Bronzeman (Premix) (feat. Killa Sin)
08: Iconoclasts (Premix) (feat. Killah Priest & Vast Aire)
09: Salute Freestyle
10: The Anthem
11: Iconoclasts (Remix) (feat. Killah Priest, & Vast Aire)

REUPLOAD: There is some pops and static on a couple of songs, thats the way i got it. Im guessing all the copys were pressed like this. Check Ì track 1 at 19 sec, the same static appears on the myspace page. Also, no need for VA. The main artists are from Wisemen. Ì features unreleased joints from the Wisemen, alternate versions and remixes from both "Wisemen Approaching" and from Bronze's debut "The Great Migration" as well as exclusives from the Wisemen and Wisemen associates. All tracks produced by Bronze Nazareth.

Members: Kevlaar 7Bronze Nazareth, Phillie Beace, Break Bread, Illa Dayz, June Megalodon,  Salute

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