Monday, November 12, 2012


01. Opening Titles
02. Jungle Village
03. Gold Lion
04. Weapons Order
05. Jack Knife
06. The Brothel
07. Rodent Fight
08. Emperor's Gold
09. Silver Lion Wants War
10. Snake Charmer
11. Zen Yi Rides In
12. Alley Fight
13. Geminis Arrive
14. Mr. and Mrs. Gemini
15. The Gemini Fight
16. United In Death
17. Zen's Request
18. Jack Up the Street
19. Emperor's Duck
20. Shipwrecked
21. The Temple Monks
22. Forging
23. Blossoms Cave
24. The Die Is cast
25. Loading the Gold
26. Black Widows' Theme
27. The Man With the Iron Fists
28. Face Off
29. The Last Battle
30. All Iron and No Rust

NEW: Even though the movie is not coming out until the beginning of November, Quentin Tarantino is teasing audiences with a glimpse of his movie and the initial release of the soundtrack score by The Rza and Howard Drossin.

You can now listen to and download any of the 30 songs as the score was released for digital downloads on September 25th on and iTunes

Buy the music, support the artist!

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