Sunday, December 02, 2012

Apakalypse and Lord Gamma - Blood Godz [2010]

01. The Fallout
02. South Paw Shadowboxing King
03. Rugged Ol Vets (Feat. Rasul Allah & Atma)
04. Blood Godz
05. Sun Beams
06. Die with Pride (Feat. Serum)
07. God Body Supreme
08. Galactic War 3
09. Beast Mode
10. Nirvana
11. War Dance
12. Pole Shifts (Feat. Atma & Rasual Allah)
13 .Overlords (Feat. Serum)
14. Shatter Star

NEW: AYou know, i hate it when rap artists try to market their music off as "real hip-hop" or "true rap". What they really mean is that they're producers are doing their best RZA-imitation while some guy spouts raps out of his mouth that end up being about nothing. That's exactly what Blood Godz is. Semi-decent rapping with a RZA-rip off behind the boards. Normally, i like Lord Gamma's production but even he makes a fool of himself here. His beats sound like they were made on crappy instrumentation. Meanwhile, Apakalypse has an extremely unlistenable voice. He has decent flow and his lyrics are typical east coast battle rap-type stuff, but he never stays on beat and he ruins almost everyting he touches. Apakalypse truly shows himself off as an awful rapper. Maybe it's because of the fact he puts out mutliple albums per year or that he never focuses on writing lyrics. Or maybe it's that damn voice of his. He sounds like a kid who spits everytime he speaks started imitating Freeway. His voice and flow never fit the beat and he's pretty unaware of what he's rapping over. His lyrics are just as bad as his voice is. He imitates the worst of guys like the Wu-Tang Clan and Army Of The Pharoahs and mixes it with ICP-bad horrorcore. Apakalypse truly is one of the worst rappers i've heard. I mean, there is room for improvement. He's got potential if he clears that spit out of his mouth and starts rapping a little slower. But for now, we're stuck with crappiest the east-coast has to offer. Speaking of east-coast, the production on here is typically suited to the very region. It's got the stereotypical orchestral strings put over hard-hitting drums and it has intros and outros laced with sampled dialogue from kung-fu to horror movies. Lord Gamma is so typically modern east-coast it's almost laughable at how predictable it is. Instead of making his beats sound interesting like he did on Lone Ninja's Burnt Sector (where he incorporated Asian influences into the east-coast hip-hop template), he follows every little detail in the books of producers like RZA and Stoupe. His instrumentation is pretty awful too. His keyboards sound awfully cheap and generic, while his drum programming is very displeasing to the ears(turn up the ***ing bass drum please). There isn't even a good bass line to block out the bad drums and keys. It seems like underground rap is made to *** the ears over with bad production and awful mixing and mastering. A plus side to this release is the semi-decent guest spots. While he may be a bad producer, Lord Gamma is a decent rapper with understandable lyrics and clever metaphors. Other guest spots include Rasul Allah(Of the Lost Children Of Babylon) and unknown rappers Serum and Atma, who come correct on the mic as well. Overall, Blood Godz won't go down as an east-coast underground classic. It may get picked up by the most hardcore of underground rap fans, but the rest of us will take better rap music then this. If only the underground actually felt like making rap that was pleasing to the ears, then we'd have some great modern classics. A disappointing effort,Remember that wu is forever

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