Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hell Razah - Hell Hop Volume One [2008]

01: Power (feat. Timbo King & Killah Priest)
02: School Of The Silver Mic (feat. IAM & Prodigal Sunn)
03: Till The Angels Come (feat. Killah Priest & 7th Ambassador)
04: Streets To The Studios (feat. Timbo King)
05: Embarassed (feat. Killah Priest, Prodigal Sunn & Dreddy Krueger)
06: Free Love (feat. Timbo King & Killah Priest)
07: Under The Vatican (feat. Killah Priest)
08: Medusas Eyes
09: Celeb Gs (feat. Timbo King & Killah Priest)
10: Grey Goose (feat. Beretta 9 & Lord Superb)
11: Love Of Money (feat. Prodigal Sunn & 60 Second Assassin)
12: Watchin Me (feat. Killah Priest, Timbo King & Heart)
13: The Messengers (feat. Lazarus Of Tribe Of Judah)

REUPLOAD:  Hellrazah is a respected lyricist and Sunz of Man  (Wu-Tang) member who has been involved in countless  projects in the field of underground Hip-Hop. Presented  for the first time anywhere, comes his own special series  of unreleased material for fans and collectors alike,  entitled Hell-Hop. The first of this series, volume one  features Timbo King, Killah Priest, IAM, Prodigal Sunn,  Dreddy Kruger, Lord Superb, 60 Second Assassin, and  Lazarus, among others. This is a limited edition  collectors item, and not to be missed people!


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