Wednesday, February 26, 2014


01- Da Mystery Of Soul Clappin'
02- C'mon, Fall Back Or Protect Ya Next Level
03- Breaker, Breaker, Fuck What U Heard
04- Can I Take It Back To Daytona 500, Yes, You May
05- Step To Criminology
06- You Know I'm A Bad Mutha, I Spend It On Pain
07- More Than One Way To Shimmy feat. ODB
08- Thick Guillotine
09- NYC Hold Ya Head
10- Time Ain't Nuttin' Ta Fuck Wit
11- Release Yo Secret
12- Capicu Bellz Work Is Neva Bad
13- Strictly For The Uzi
14- Size Up The 4th Chamber
15- Flow PLO
16- Success In Hand
17- Add On Day
18- Return Of The Buck 50
19- Mighty One
20- Shadow Water
21- You Can't Front On The Bizarre
22- Put It On Incarcerated Scarfaces
23- Brooklyn Score

REUPLOAD: This virtual face-off pits two of New York's most respected and influential crews against each other in an all-out blend war. The focus is on battle rhymes and the groups' golden era material, but there's a few exceptions. The tracks alternate between Wu-Tang MC's rhyming over D.I.T.C. beats and vice versa. This mix is an attempt to illustrate how evenly matched the Wu-Tang Clan and D.I.T.C. really are/were.


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