Tuesday, March 18, 2014


01. The situation
02. Drama (feat Amber Thorn & Jon Vegas)
03. Real Spit Part 1 (feat Islord & Aslan)
04. Old Man Part 1 (Skit)
05. Afro Soldier (feat Leggezin Mel & Ho2fa)
06. Keep It Steppin' (feat Klive Kraven & Shogun Assassin)
07. Real Spit Part 2 (feat Islord)
08. Old Man Part 2 (Skit)
09. Problem (feat Kap & Grimy)
10. Drugs / Old School
11. The Confrontation (Outro)

REUPLOAD: Kinetic 9 aka Beretta 9 of Killarmy fame, drops his solo album called “The Symbol”, the album is short but a sure delight with the bangers and not but that. Lyricism is the forefront of this album from tracks like “Drama” to “Real Spit Pt.1, “Afro Solider”. Even with the brief breaks of the “Old Man” skits all cohesively woven to make this album super tight.
With an abundance of features from french Wu Killa Bee, Leggezin Fin to Killarmy alums Islord and Shogun Assassin everything hits hard on tracks like “Keep It Stepping” to “Problem” to “Drugs/Old School. Kinetic has stepped up on the boards and it really shows on how tight tracks are constructed to the drum patterns on tracks like “Real Spit Pt. 2” with eleven tracks all in all its a tight album that you can bang back to back without getting board
Overall the sound of this album is reminiscent of the old Bobby Digital albums yet it has Kinetic 9's stylized sounds and drums. It’s the production value and lyricism that drives this album. I’m a give this album a solid 3 ½ out of 5 stars and nothing is more kinetic than dropping something without knowledge.


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